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David Nalbandian comments on Players Rankings

According to David Nalbandian, a player who is strong only on one kind of court and not on all courts, he can’t rank at the top in modern Tennis.

Yes, twenty years back, if someone was specialized for maybe clay or grass, he could rise to the top, but, in today’s game, such players would remain far, far behind.

Nalbandian cited the example of Sampras to explain his point. The American was not so good playing on courts where the ball reached to the players with lesser speed and so, was never a big threat on clay. He never looked like winning French Open in spite of participating in that competition for so many times. Just once he could qualify for the Round of 4. But, irrespective of his weakness on clay, he owned the top spot for more than 5 years. However, nowadays, if you are like that, your rivals would get past you because players are playing well all around the globe now. Read more »

David Nalbandian vs Roger Federer

Thirteen years back, David Nalbandian had faced a certain Roger Federer on the Monte Carlo tennis court.

The Argentinean was in his prime at that point in time and it proved to be too easy a ride for him.

The match was over in straight sets with Federer being able to win only 3 games.

The youngster (obviously Federer was a youngster back then) was annihilated to say the least.

But, Nalbandian felt that the guy that he beat had something about him.

He even said that in his post match interview that this young man (Federer) would go a long way.

Since that day, Federer went from strength to strength. Soon, he was winning titles all over and ruling the world.

Not only did he avenge that Monte Carlo loss against Nalbandian, he defeated him many times thereafter.

Even the last match that Nalbandian played in the professional arena, it was against Federer only at the All England Club and in that match too, it was the Swiss maestro who had emerged as the winner.

Now, when Federer has spent almost one and half decades on the tour and has got almost everything that a player dreams for, Nalbandian believes he can easily be called the all time greatest as far as tennis is concerned.

Speaking about Federer yesterday, Nalbandian said, “There was only one trophy that was not there in his CV and recently, he won that too, it’s Davis Cup I am talking about. I don’t think our game has seen a better player than him.”

When asked to compare Federer with other sportspersons, Nalbandian said, “Well, I am often asked this question. It’s not something appropriate to do I reckon. People from different sports cannot be compared.”

“But, you have got to note one thing that Federer has achieved such big things individually. He hasn’t played the team sport. So, that’s where he stands slightly ahead of the other sportspersons, to be consistent for so long and to do it all alone, it requires some serious talent and composure.”

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