David Nalbandian has said that he wants to put up a better performance in the upcoming Davis Cup match against Germany. The last season hadn’t been that good for Nalbandian. He won a few matches, but, he was clearly not at his best at any point of time in the season.

He also had quite a few controversies in the season which made it even worse for him. He was criticized for his behaviour with the match officials in a few tournaments. However, the last season has finished now and Nalbandian doesn’t want to think too much about his performance in the last season. He is looking forward to the next season. He wants to make a big contribution for his country in the Davis cup clash against a relatively stronger German side.

Talking to the reporters in a press conference, Nalbandian said, “The match against Germany is going to be very important for us. Germany is undoubtedly a very strong side and they have got some seriously talented players, but, we will have to back ourselves to defeat them. Winning that match is necessary for us.”

“I think we also have got a pretty experienced squad and if we manage to play up to our capabilities, we would certainly make them work hard for points.”

“Preparation for such an important clash is important. I will start my pre season training somewhere around 10th of December, then, I would play in a few warm up tournaments before the Davis cup match against Germany.”

When asked about his goals for the upcoming season, Nalbandian said, “The primary goal is to make my way into the top 50 players in the world. Obviously, I will have to perform well in a few tournaments for that and hopefully, I will be able to do it.”