Nalbandian called a Negative Captain

Argentina’s former captain in the prestigious Davis Cup, Modesto ‘Tito’ Vazquez has said of the current skipper David Nalbandian is not at all a positive leader on the court. The 29 year old tennis star from Córdoba has been facing extreme criticism from fans and former players alike about his attitude on the court and it seems that only one who could possibly have taken his side has blasted the skipper as well. Vazquez was the coach of the Argentina side that was led by Nalbandian against Spain in Seville, a match the Spaniards won comprehensively against the Blues.

Speaking on his captain, Vazquez said that he did not see Nalbandian as the leader of the pack and considered him as just another player who was a part of the team. Vazquez said that the main reason for this was the fact that David Nalbandian oozes negativity in his approach and that is something that can easily demoralize the entire team. Vazquez did not get a contract renewal from the Argentine Tennis Association or the AAT after the team’s loss to Spain.

Modesto Vazquez also added that he and Nalbandian had two completely different approaches towards the game and visions as well. Vazquez also added that he did not agree with his captain’s decisions most of the times and when such a thing happens, it is not very good for the team as a whole.

David Nalbandian, who was ranked in the top 10 according to the ATP rankings only a few years back refused to comment on this situation but it seems that he might also lose the captaincy of the Davis Cup team in the light of the comments made by the departing coach and that is something which cannot be expected from a former captain as well.