Roger Federer is best Sport Personality

There are some sports personalities who happen to have their fandom in every field.

One of those personalities is Roger Federer. He is a guy whom everyone seems to like, from common people to celebrities.

Recently, the captain of the Indian test cricket team, Virat Kohli, got the opportunity to spend a bit of time with the Swiss maestro in Australia and the young man got completely awestruck.

The 26-year old later wrote on his twitter account that it would always remain a memorable day for him

Virat uploaded a snap too of him and Federer together.

And, Virat is not the only cricket player who has this huge admiration for Federer.

The greatest batsman of all time, Sachin Tendulkar, is also a big Federer fan and he has watched his matches at Wimbledon quite a few times.

The thing why people even outside the tennis world respect Federer so much is his tendency to remain grounded. His attitude is always the same either he wins or loses.

Never ever there has been an instance of Federer losing his temper to a media person or a fan. He keeps smile on his face all the time.

And, he has always been very gracious in his defeats. If he doesn’t play well, he admits it in the press conferences. Very rarely does he try to make excuses or blame the umpire.

He is somebody who is the perfect role model material for the kids who are aspiring to make their careers in any sports.

He is a great example of how you need to carry yourself as a sportsperson in and out of the playing arena.

Federer is in Australia currently to play in the Australian Open Grand Slam tournament where his journey starts from tomorrow.