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David Nalbandian, formerly ranked no. 3, is all set to be Argentina’s leading player in the Davis Cup. Argentina was last year’s finalist, and they go to Germany this year to play in the first round.

The former world no. 3 will be heading the Argentinian team because their star player, Juan Del Potro will be unable to play in the Davis Cup. The Davis Cup team used to be headed by Modesto Vazquez, but he was replaced by Martin Jaite after the former’s team lost to Spain in Sevilla in December, 2011.

When the team was being announced, Martin Jaite also named Eduardo Schwank, Juan Monaco and Juan Ignacio Chela. The absence of their star player, Juan Del Potro, was ascribed to the fact that a clay tournament early in the season might affect the rest of the year.

David Nalbandian is one of the most experienced players in the Argentinian side, having led the team to three finals since 2006.

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